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Kashvi Gupta outside the Gift of Life Michigan offices.


Organ Donation: Hesitations and Encouragements

Kashvi Gupta

Most Americans support organ donation, but only about half are registered as donors. Empirical data can help us understand our hesitations, but for many of us, becoming a donor is also an emotional decision. Read more


The Impact of Parent-Child Separation at the Border

Hurley Riley

More than 2,300 children were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border between May and June 2018. University of Michigan experts weigh in on how the trauma of long-term separation from their parents effects a child’s development. Read more

Norman Shumway and cardiologist Donald C. Harrison speak to the media after the historic 1968 transplant surgery (Getty Images).

Organ Donation: Public Awareness and Popular Media

Kashvi Gupta

As transplant surgeries become ever more successful and more socially accepted, demand for transplants goes up. But popular media do not always reflect the organ donation 
process accurately. Read more

Farmers in the Andes

Diversifying Agriculture for Healthy Diets

Andrew Jones

Uniform, high-input farms, the hallmark of modern intensive agriculture, have produced an abundance of food unimaginable at the start of the last century. But a healthy diet remains out of reach for billions worldwide. Read more