MPH Results

    • Elderly Loneliness

      A Loneliness Epidemic among Older Americans

      Vidhi Verma

      Social relationships are key to healthy aging, but more than 42 million American adults say they feel lonely. What can the US learn from other developed countries when it comes to supporting our aging population and preventing loneliness? Read more

    • Dana Greene kneeling on the Diag

      One Year After

      Dana Greene, Jr.

      On September 25, 2017, master's student Dana Greene, Jr., took a knee on the University of Michigan Diag for over 20 hours to protest police brutality and hate crimes across the country and the climate on campus. One year later, he reflects back on this moment and what it meant to him and the community around him. Read more

    • clear-device-diet-53404

      Being Healthy without Dieting

      Sean Bolourchi

      Though they promise fast results, research shows calorie-restricted diets aren’t the most effective ways to lose weight. Recent graduate Sean Bolourchi explores the science behind fast-track diets and explores alternatives that provide more long-term health improvements. Read more

    • Group of friends

      Let's Celebrate Body Diversity, Not Stigmatize It

      Kelsey Rose

      Our culture rejects larger body sizes, labeling individuals who live in large bodies as gluttonous, lazy, weak-willed, and sexually unattractive. But body size is just like any other characteristic that makes us unique. Read more

    • Kashvi Gupta outside the Gift of Life Michigan offices.

      Organ Donation: Hesitations and Encouragements

      Kashvi Gupta

      Most Americans support organ donation, but only about half are registered as donors. Empirical data can help us understand our hesitations, but for many of us, becoming a donor is also an emotional decision. Read more

    • FamilySeparation_leadphoto

      The Impact of Parent-Child Separation at the Border

      Hurley Riley

      More than 2,300 children were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border between May and June 2018. University of Michigan experts weigh in on how the trauma of long-term separation from their parents effects a child’s development. Read more