MPH Results

    • Probiotics for Kids

      Are Probiotics Right for Your Child?

      Emily Bair

      Recently, a good friend of mine with young children asked me, “what do you think about probiotics for kids?” My nutrition courses had explored the use of probiotics for adult medical nutrition therapy and their benefits for premature infants but I was less aware of their potential benefits for young children or adolescents, so I decided to investigate. Here’s what I found. Read more

    • Foodmed

      Discovering Your Kitchen's Unsung Heroes: Using Food as Medicine

      Natalie Manitius

      The next time you feel a scratchy throat coming on, or a stressful event in your wake, consider putting nature’s medicines to the test. Explore the ways food, when used properly, has the power to heal, with Michigan Public Health student Natalie. Read more

    • Meat

      Eating Meat in America

      Detrick Snyder

      Can meat be part of a healthy, environmentally-conscious diet? Demonstrate respect for animals, the farmers who raise them, and your own health with these recommendations for the nutritious consumption of animal products. Read more

    • Snow in Texas

      The Warmth of Snow: Reflections on Hurricane Recovery Work in Texas

      Dana Thomas

      Having recently traveled to Texas to assist with hurricane recovery, Dana Thomas reflects on the experience and the value of public health practice in disaster recovery and preparedness. Read more

    • GMOs

      GMOs: Where We Stand Nutritionally

      Sam Chey

      How do GMOs fit into the ever-evolving worlds of science, nutrition, and sustainability? With a new year upon us and GMOs once again in the news - alongside diets and fitness plans - Michigan Public Health Nutritional Sciences student Sam Chey explores the truth about the positives and negatives of Genetically Modified Organisms. Read more

    • Eating_Disorders_Header

      Eating Disorders: What Are They, and Who Is Most at Risk?

      Breanna Anderson

      Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder are health problems that increase mortality, health complications, concerns with comorbidities, impairment in daily life, and suicidality, as well as shifts in brain and gastrointestinal function. But what are the most common eating disorders, and who is most at risk? Knowing these concepts is crucial for shaping effective prevention and treatment efforts. Read more