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International Podcast Day

A selection of public health podcasts you should know about!

Celebrated on September 30th, International Podcast Day recognizes the huge impact of podcasts. We put together a list of some of our favorites to give a shout-out and celebrate our public health podcasting community. Maybe you can find a podcast that’s new to you, and add it to your queue!

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Pesticide Exposure May Be a Risk Factor for Poor Sleep Health

Astrid Zamora

Nutritional Sciences PhD candidate Astrid Zamora has vivid memories of her Abuela coming home from working in the fields, experiencing intense pain, burning sensations, and trouble breathing. These ailments were the result of long-term exposure to pesticides. Now, an extensive body of research shows that occupational exposure to pesticides is detrimental to human health, including sleep health. Zamora explores two studies she was involved in exploring the links between pesticide exposure and poor sleep health.

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The Hidden Pandemic behind the Coronavirus

Sarah Javaid and Kathleen Lindsey

Sarah Javaid and Kathleen Lindsey take a look at some of the positive and negative impacts on the environment that have happened due to the coronavirus pandemic.