vaccines and syringes

Vaccines and Wealth: Another Take on the Unvaccinated

Sharoni Bandyopadhyay

With outbreaks in thirty states, debate surrounding vaccine safety and vaccine refusal has stirred. How do we continue to keep everyone safe from diseases we know how to prevent and what role do wealth disparities play vaccine non-compliance?

Alex Fox Chicago

Leaps of Faith: A Week in the Life of Master's Student Alex Fox

Alexander D. Fox

Instead of heading for warmer weather, student Alex Fox spent his spring break at the American College of Healthcare Executives Congress on Healthcare Leadership in Chicago. Take a look at his week, and his passion for public health, in his own words.

pills, money, and stethoscope

The Workplace Costs of Not Taking Your Medication

Peter Geppert and Ryan Zayance

Many chronic clinical conditions have elaborate and costly treatment protocols, including prescriptions for medications. What are the costs to employees and employers when treatment plans are not followed?

Future of Health Care Cell Phone Image

The Future of Health Care Is Public Health

Quian Callender & Marianthi Hatzigeorgiou

With a focus on consumer-driven enterprises and new opportunities in technology, management, and sustainability, the future of health care begins to look a lot like public health.

Group Photo

Comparing the German and American Health Care Systems

Quian Callender

In March, master’s student Quian Callender traveled to Germany with a group of fellow health management and policy students to learn more about the German health care system and how it compares to the US.