Mental Health Results

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      Changing the Culture Around Fat-Talk

      Lenora Goodman

      As National Mental Health Awareness Week continues, Registered Dietitian Lenora Goodman explores the mental and physical health ramifications of ‘fat-talk’, and provides recommendations for changing the conversation around weight, eating, and health. Read more

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      Nutrition as an Intervention for Depression and Anxiety?

      Isa Kujawski

      The emerging field of “nutritional psychiatry” explores nutrition interventions for use alleviating symptoms of mental disorders, namely anxiety and depression. With Mental Health Awareness Month is full swing, explore recent research with recent graduate Isa Kujawski. Read more

    • Weight Loss

      The Juxtaposition of Weight Stigma and Obesity

      Anna Jones

      Reflecting on her own experiences with weight stigma and obesity, Michigan Public Health alumna Anna Jones explores the detrimental effect stigmas have on health and well-being, and the approach she envisions for better care and treatment options. Read more

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      Immigration Raids May Contribute to PTSD Symptoms

      William Lopez

      Recent findings published in the Journal of Traumatology indicate that immigration raids are highly traumatic for those involved, and individuals exposed to such raids may meet diagnostic criteria for PTSD or express complex PTSD symptoms. Read more

    • Traci Carson

      What is the Female Athlete Triad?

      Traci Carson

      As a student-athlete, Michigan Public Health doctoral student Traci Carson developed the ‘Female Athlete Triad’ - a relationship of menstrual dysfunction, low energy availability (with or without an eating disorder), and decreased bone mineral density that strikes female athletes across high-impact sports. In her own words, Traci explains the TRIAD and her research into prevention. Read more

    • Meet Alice: Precision Health at Michigan Public Health

      Meet Alice: Precision Health at Michigan Public Health

      Sharon Kardia

      Wherever precision health tools help us understand why people are getting sick or what makes them more likely to get sick, public health practitioners can create and advocate for interventions that can keep people out of the doctor's office in the first place. Read more