By the Numbers: Smoking & Public Health

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Michigan: A Leader in Tobacco Research and Control

2014: The 50th Anniversary of the Surgeon General’s First Report on Smoking and Health

The 50th anniversary of the Surgeon General’s first report on smoking and health came in January 2014, and with it a renewed push from the University of Michigan to advocate for more tobacco research, policies, and prevention. Dr. Ken Warner joined other representatives for a national press conference commemorating the occasion. Together, they announced their continued commitment to tobacco control, and outlined three goals to make this happen:

  • Reduce smoking rates 10 percent in 10 years or less (10 in 10).
  • Eliminate exposure to second-hand smoke in five years.
  • Put the U.S. on a path to eliminate death and disease caused by tobacco, now resulting in one of every five deaths.

Warner, along with Rafael Meza, assistant professor of epidemiology, published a study marking this occasion that found some 8 million lives have been saved since the Surgeon General’s warning 50 years ago. Other media items commemorating the 50th anniversary:

2012: Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative Launched 

TFCCI was launched in September 2012 by U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Howard Koh, University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, and other educational and tobacco policy experts at an internationally webcast symposium at the U-M SPH. The event occurred simultaneously with the launch of the new TFCCI website, which was created to serve as a clearinghouse of key information to assist educational communities to establish their own tobacco-free environments. With this in mind, the site has grown to include news updates, state-specific information, links to a wide range of external resources, and referrals to national experts.

2011: U-M Goes Smoke-Free

U-M became a smoke-free university in 2011 to ensure a healthier environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors. That policy includes all buildings, facilities and university-owned vehicles. MHealthy and the University Health Service  support faculty, staff and students in their stop-smoking efforts.

Media Coverage

Talk to the Experts

A number of U-M experts are available to talk with the media about tobacco:

  • Clifford Douglas, J.D. Director, University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network, adjunct lecturer in health management and policy
    Contact: (734) 936-0939, 
  • Peter Jacobson, professor of health management and policy
    Contact: (734) 936-0928,
  • Ritesh Mistry, assistant professor of health behavior and health education
    Contact: (734) 936-1318,
  • David Mendez, associate professor of health management and policy
    Contact: (734) 647-0218,
  • Rafael Meza, assistant professor of epidemiology
    Contact: (734) 763-1946,
  • Kenneth E. Warner, Avedis Donabedian Distinguished University Professor of Public Health; professor of health management and policy 
    Contact: (734) 763-5454, 

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