Environmental Health Sciences Results

    • Heart Health

      Heart Health Is Public Health

      Sharing your heart with someone special this Valentine’s Day? As American Heart Month rolls on, explore the many ways you can keep yours beating healthy and steady with research and advice from Michigan Public Health students, faculty, and alumni. Read more

    • test tubes

      Nutritional Epigenetics: Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

      Nicole Urdahl

      How many times have you gone to the doctor and filled out the patient history forms only to feel hopeless because your family history is littered with various chronic diseases? Well I’ve got good news—there’s hope, thanks to an emerging field called epigenetics! Read more

    • Mothers from Eastern Ukraine attend training on breastfeeding

      Breastfeeding: How Long Is Too Long?

      Brooke A. Perry

      It was a cool September morning. Flipping the radio station on my drive into work, I happened across a talk show and something caught my ear. As I listened, I realized they were discussing breastfeeding—more specifically breastfeeding into toddlerhood. Read more