Epidemiology Faculty Profiles

Along with providing education and training, Department of Epidemiology faculty and researchers have achieved national and international reputations for excellence in their respective fields of research and expertise. Short summaries of faculty are detailed below.

Department Chair

Belinda NeedhamBelinda Needham, PhD, MA 
Health Disparities; Aging and the Life Course; Biodemography.

Associate Chairs

sara adarSara Dubowsky Adar, ScD, MHS 
Environmental epidemiology, exposure science for epidemiology, ambient air pollution, traffic-related pollutants, community noise, vulnerabilities, interventions.

briana mezukBriana Mezuk, PhD
Psychiatric epidemiology; life course; medical-psychiatric comorbidity; diabetes; frailty; suicide; social disparities in health.

Core Faculty

Sara Adar Sara Dubowsky Adar, ScD, MHS
Environmental epidemiology, exposure science for epidemiology, ambient air pollution, traffic-related pollutants, community noise, vulnerabilities, interventions.

Ella AugustElla T. August, PhD, MA, MS
Strengthening research capacity across the globe, scientific communication, writing pedagogy.

bakulskiKelly M. Bakulski, PhD
Environmental and genetic etiology of neurological disorders.

Ana Baylin Ana Baylin, MD, Dr.P.H.
Nutritional epidemiology, cardiovascular disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, global health.

Matthew Boulton Matthew L. Boulton, MD, MPH
Global health, infectious disease epidemiology, social determinants of childhood vaccination in low- and middle-income countries, vaccination equity, preventive medicine, scientific publishing.

andrew brouwerAndrew Brouwer, PhD, MS, MA
Mathematical modeling; statistical modeling; infectious disease transmission modeling; cancer prevention, incidence, and survival; human papillomavirus (HPV); transition analysis; gender-minority health.

James BuszkiewiczJames Buszkiewicz, PhD, MPH
Social determinants of health, health inequities, policy, work, nutrition, food insecurity, obesity, health behavior, mental health, COVID-19, tobacco use.

buxtonMiatta Buxton, PhD, MPH
Maternal and child health, inflammation, cervico-vaginal and systemic cytokines, environmental epidemiology, maternal nutrition, maternal and child health disparities, global health and low resource settings.

Joseph Eisenberg Joseph N.S. Eisenberg, PhD, MPH
Infectious disease, transmission modeling, risk assessment, waterborne pathogens, vectorborne disease.

Marisa Eisenberg Marisa C. Eisenberg, PhD, MS
Mathematical modeling, parameter identifiability and estimation, infectious diseases, cholera and waterborne diseases, and cancer modeling.

nancy fleischerNancy L. Fleischer, PhD, MPH
Social epidemiology, health equity, social and policy determinants of health, tobacco control, COVID-19 recovery, and structural racism and health.

Betsy Foxman Betsy Foxman, PhD
Molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases, with particular emphasis on the role of the microbiome.

Aubree Gordon Aubree Gordon, PhD
Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Influenza, Dengue, Global Health.

Alexis HandalAlexis J. Handal, PhD, MPH
Environmental epidemiology; occupational epidemiology; worker health; labor exploitation; social epidemiology; social inequities in health; reproductive epidemiology; maternal and child health; child development; community-engaged research; CBPR; global  health. 

michael hayashiMichael A.L. Hayashi, PhD, MPH
Mathematical and computational modeling, systems science, infectious disease, game theory, public health technology.

Jana HirschtickJana L. Hirschtick, PhD, MPH
Social determinants of health, health inequities, community-driven research, urban health, criminal justice system, mental health, tobacco use.

 Jihyoun JeonJihyoun Jeon, PhD, MS
Risk prediction modeling, Mathematical/Statistical method development for cancer risk assessment, Smoking and lung cancer trend, Cancer screening, COPD.

Sharon Kardia Sharon L.R. Kardia, PhD
Genetic epidemiology with a focus on genetics of common chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

Carrie Karvonen-Gutierrez Carrie A. Karvonen-Gutierrez, PhD, MPH
Women's health; aging epidemiology; midlife health; obesity; chronic diseases including diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions.

lindsay kobayashiLindsay C. Kobayashi, PhD, M.Sc.
Aging; global health; epidemiology; social epidemiology; cognitive aging; health disparities.

Aleda LeisAleda Leis, , PhD, MS

Lynda Lisabeth Lynda D. Lisabeth, PhD, MPH
Stroke health disparities with a focus on understanding the excess burden in special populations, including Mexican Americans and women.

Emily Martin Emily Toth Martin, PhD, MPH
Clinical and molecular epidemiology of viral and bacterial diseases.

Daniel McConnell Daniel S. McConnell, PhD
Estrogen and androgen assays or pathways.

mezukBriana Mezuk, PhD
Psychiatric epidemiology; life course; medical-psychiatric comorbidity; diabetes; frailty; suicide; social disparities in health.

Alison Mondul Alison M. Mondul, PhD, MSPH
Molecular and nutritional epidemiology, modifiable risk factors and cancer etiology.

Lewis MorgensternLewis B. Morgenstern, MD 
Race/ethnic and gender disparities in stroke, access to health care and acculturation of Hispanic Americans, community and professional education for acute stroke treatment and stroke prevention, social epidemiology.

Belinda Needham Belinda L. Needham, PhD, MA
Health Disparities; Aging and the Life Course; Biodemography.

Marie O'Neill Marie S. O'Neill, PhD
Environmental epidemiology, air pollution, climate change, environmental equity, international health, cardiovascular mechanisms, and birth outcomes.

Sung Kyun Park Sung Kyun Park, Sc.D., MPH
Environmental and occupational epidemiology, multi-pollutants and pollutant mixtures, exposome, with a focus on cardiometabolic and age-related diseases and women's health.

Celeste Pearce Celeste Leigh Pearce, PhD, MPH
Etiology and Prevention of Ovarian and Breast Cancers.

Laura Johnson PowerLaura Power, MD, MPH
Preventive medicine, communicable disease epidemiology and prevention, vaccine-preventable diseases, interprofessional education, training physicians in public health and preventive medicine.

Kathryn Ramriez HackerKathryn Ramirez- Hacker, PhD, MPH
Infectious Disease Ecology, Ecoepidemiology, Infectious Diseases in Urban Contexts, Spatial Health, One Health, Geographic Information Science.

Alexander Rickard Alexander H. Rickard, PhD, MSc, BSc
How bacteria interact with one another in environmental or medically relevant situations and the resulting ramifications for human health.

Jennifer Smith Jennifer A. Smith, PhD, MPH 
Genetic epidemiology and social epigenomics of age-related chronic diseases and their risk factors, including cardiovascular disease and dementia.

Eduardo Villamor Eduardo Villamor, MD, MPH, Dr.P.H.
Pediatric and perinatal epidemiology, nutritional epidemiology, nutrition and infection, life course epidemiology, developmental origins of health and disease, child development.

Abram WagnerAbram L. Wagner, PhD, MPH
Vaccine hesitancy; epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases; China; global health

xin wangXin Wang, PhD, MPH
Environmental epidemiology; environmental mixtures; risk prediction; obesity; diabetes; Alzheimer's Disease.

Zhenhua Yang Zhenhua Yang, MD, PhD 
Epidemiology of tuberculosis (TB) in the U.S and globally, genetic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical strains and its clinical and epidemiological relevance and implications for the development of new TB vaccines and therapeutics.

Jon ZelnerJon Zelner, PhD
Infectious diseases, social epidemiology, spatial epidemiology, mathematical modeling, network analysis, tuberculosis, diarrheal disease.

Joint Appointment Faculty

(Do not mentor doctoral students)

amy bohnertAmy Bohnert, PhD, MHS

Sarah Burgard Sarah A. Burgard, PhD, MS
Population health, racial ethnic and socioeconomic disparities, job strain and job insecurity, stratification of sleep.

philippa clarkePhilippa J. Clarke, PhD, MSc
Aging, disability, built environment, quantitative methods.

William Herman William H. Herman, MD, MPH
Screening, diabetes, diabetes complications, diabetes and pregnancy, diabetes epidemiology, managed care, health economics.

Powel KazanjianPowel Kazanjian, MD, PhD
History of Bacteriology, History of Epidemics, History of Sexually Transmitted diseases.

Catherine KimCatherine Kim, MD, MPH
Women's health, diabetes, cardiovascular risk.

Sofia Merajver Sofia D. Merajver, MD, PhD

Lona modyLona Mody, MD, MSc
Translational epidemiology of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) in vulnerable populations, develop and disseminate interventions to prevent infections in high-risk vulnerable populations

Bhramar MukherjeeBhramar Mukherjee, PhD
Studies of gene-environment interaction, Bayesian methods, statistical methods for case-control and other outcome dependent sampling schemes, applications in epidemiology.

David Musch David C. Musch, PhD, MPH
Clinical trials, glaucoma treatment, quality of life assessment.

john randolphJohn F. Randolph, MD

Sarah ReevesSarah Reeves, PhD, MPH
Pediatric health services research; health services utilization and preventive care among children with chronic conditions.

rajiv saranRajiv Saran, MD, MBBS, MS

Howard SteinHoward Stein, Hon B.A., MA, PhD
Socio-economics of developing economies with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

Lauren WallnerLauren Wallner, PhD, MPH
Cancer care delivery and health services research; Quality, delivery and coordination of cancer care; Designing, evaluating and implementing interventions to improve cancer care.

Adjunct Faculty

(Do not mentor doctoral students)

Pamela HackertPamela Hackert, MD, JD, MPH

Christine Joseph Christine L.M. Joseph, PhD, MPH, BSc
Racial/ethnic health disparities; racial differences in asthma incidence, prevalence, and severity/control; the role of IgE in asthma; factors related to asthma management and control in urban adolescents; medication adherence, school-based health.

 Mark KatzMark Katz, MD
Influenza, respiratory infections, vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccine effectiveness, cholera

Courtland KeteyianCourtland Keteyian, MD, MBA, MPH

Juan MarquezJuan Luis Marquez, MD, MPH

Eve Mokotoff Eve D. Mokotoff, MPH
Efficiently collecting relevant surveillance data and making HIV/AIDS surveillance data useful.

Emeritus Faculty

(Do not mentor doctoral students)

Lawrence Bielak Lawrence F. Bielak, DDS, MPH
Epidemiology and genetics of atherosclerosis and its risk factors.

Stephen Eklund Stephen A. Eklund, DrPH, D.D.S., MHSA
Dental public health, health services research, assessment for treatment needs, outcomes of dental care, and international oral health.

Kathleen Ford Kathleen Ford, PhD
Social and behavioral aspects of the AIDS epidemic, sexual behavior, and sexually transmitted diseases (U.S. adolescents and international populations), cognitive and physical functioning in aging populations, migration, health and well being.

David Garabrant David H. Garabrant, MD, MPH
Occupational and environmental epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, neuroepidemiology and neurotoxic agents, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, environmental exposure to dioxins.

gilsdorfJanet R. Gilsdorf, MD
Haemophilis influenzae pathogenesis, epidemiology of respiratory pathogens in day care, antigenic diversity of H. influenzae.

Ernest Harburg Ernest Harburg, PhD, MA, BSS
Anger, anger-coping and its effects on medically morbid conditions, e.g., high blood pressure, resolution of such conflict.

Sioban HarlowSiobán D. Harlow, PhD
Womens health, occupational health, reproductive epidemiology, international health.

Millicent Higgins Millicent W. Higgins, M.B., B.S., MD, DPH, FAACP.(Hon)
Epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular and chronic pulmonary diseases and obesity; familial and genetic factors influencing susceptibility to environmental exposures.

James HouseJames S. House, PhD
Social psychology, political sociology, social structure and personality, psychosocial and socioeconomic factors in health, survey research methods.

George Kaplan George A. Kaplan, PhD
Role of behavioral, social, psychological, and socioeconomic factors in disease prevention and health promotion; role of "upstream" and "downstream" factors in maintaining health, delaying disease, and improving function.

James KoopmanJames S. (Jim) Koopman, MD, MPH
Analysis and control of infection transmission systems, theoretical basis for epidemiological analysis, causal modeling of epidemiological processes, complex systems, networks, public health surveillance.

Carl Marrs Carl F. Marrs, PhD
Molecular epidemiology of bacterial pathogens.

Arnold MontoArnold S. Monto, MD 
Occurrence, etiology, and prevention of infectious diseases in industrialized and developing countries, frequency and cause of respiratory infections in families living in the community, Ebola.

Hal MorgensternHal Morgenstern, PhD
Kidney disease, musculoskeletal conditions, cancers, neuropsychiatric disorders, injuries, heart disease; clinical and outcomes research, occupational and environmental health, psychosocial aspects of disease, and epidemiologic methods.

Patricia PeyserPatricia A. Peyser, PhD 
Genetics and cardiovascular disease.

Friedrich Port Friedrich K Port, MD, MS, FACP
Clinical outcomes studies for patients with chronic diseases.

julia richardsJulia E. Richards, PhD
Mapping, cloning and characterizing genes involved in inherited eye diseases, including prevalent complex diseases such as glaucoma as well as some simple Mendelian disorders that affect the eye.

David Schottenfeld David Schottenfeld, MD, MS
Cancer epidemiology and prevention, with focus on prostate, breast, endometrial and colorectal cancers.

wilsonMark L. Wilson, ScD
Ecology of infectious disease, spatial pattern analysis, global change and health.